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Gold and Silver Awards

2013 Gold and Silver Awards Announced

New AE50 Gold and Silver awards were presented at the AG CONNECT opening ceremonies on January 29, 2013 as a new level of recognition for winners of the AE50 awards, presented annually by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The Gold and Silver awards are a collaboration between ASABE and AG CONNECT and its owner, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), to honor the “best of the best” from among the AE50 award winners exhibiting at AG CONNECT. Judges for the new awards included seven agricultural equipment editors and two ASABE member engineers.

Gold Winners

AGCO Corporation
WR Series Self Propelled Windrower

The windrowers feature electro-hydraulic controls operated by a virtual terminal. This technology provides more precise control over the primary windrower functions while incorporating fully integrated GPS autosteering with field speeds up to 16 mph - 45 percent faster than AGCO’s previous-generation windrowers.

DuPont Crop Protection
DuPont PrecisionPac Herbicide Dispensing System

The PrecisionPac herbicide dispenser creates a customized herbicide mixture from active ingredients at the point of sale. The system can blend up to six components in various ratios to create a vast range of herbicide products. The PrecisionPac system also creates a precise unit-area package that is customized to match the field size or sprayer load specified by the customer.

John Deere
Machine Sync

Facilitating on-the-go unloading and in-network logistics are two features that allow Machine Sync to pack more efficiency into harvesting. From the cab, the combine operator can take control of the grain cart tractor to synchronize speed and lateral position while unloading on the go. John Deere Machine Sync also provides in-network logistics information, such as tank fill status, for multiple combines. Any tractor operator can decide which combine will need unloading first. The other operators can easily calculate their next most productive move by watching the display.

Spectrum Technologies Inc
FieldScout® GreenIndex+

This app enables growers to manage the nitrogen needs of crops using their smartphones.The app adjusts for light levels and computes a dark green color index. In addition, the app makes nitrogen application rate recommendations for corn. All results are georeferenced, logged, and can be emailed for archiving or further analysis. This product is a solution that enables growers to apply the right amount of nitrogen in the right place at the right time.

Silver Winners

Case IH Agriculture

The Robo-Sharpener, made especially for Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo vertical tillage equipment, quickly sharpens the wavy implement blades used to penetrate the soil and cut crop residues in minimal tillage. It is mounted directly to the gang of the implement during sharpening. The Robo-Sharpener system sharpens a wavy or smooth blade in minutes using a grinding wheel mounted to a pendulous arm.

Great Plains Manufacturing Inc
Centurion CDA600 Cultivator Drill

The drill is a combination cultivator and grain-seeding machine with air delivery of seed. By using the on-board weighing system to weigh the product in the hopper, down-pressure is automatically controlled to ensure constant seeding depth and seed-to-soil contact. The sequencing of the cultivation and seeding units saves time on headland turns and is an industry first.

HYPRO-Pentair Water
Express End Cap

The Express end cap attaches to each end of an individual boom pipe and expels air from the boom pipe through the nozzle body’s spray tip. The Express end cap improves the activation time of the nozzle body's diaphragm check valve. Faster on/off valve activation promotes accurate application of agrochemicals.

HYPRO-Pentair Water
Scorpio Spray Valve

The Scorpio Spray Valve is a 12 volt DC electronically actuated valve designed for mounting on the spray boom nozzle bodies of agricultural spray equipment. The Scorpio valve enables precise on/off spray control at field boundaries, in previously sprayed zones, and in environmentally sensitive areas. It uses an internal electronics package and magnetic latching design to reduce power consumption to levels 1,600 times lower than standard nozzle-mounted solenoid valves, while the flow capabilities are 2.5 times higher.

John Deere
7R Series Tractor

This tractor lineup is more globally competitive with improvements in power density and productivity while reducing fuel consumption, and the new compact chassis is capable of field, transport, and utility operations. To further improve fuel efficiency and productivity, the latest technologies in drivetrain lubrication and oil management were used.

TeeJet® Technologies
Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor

The Sentry 6140 tip flow monitor allows users to identify high- or low-flow rate conditions for individual nozzles across a spray boom. An on-boom LED also provides easy identification of the problematic tip for fast inspection and correction. By identifying plugged, partially plugged, mismatched, or missing spray tips, this product can enhance the productivity, safety, and effectiveness of field spraying operations.