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Masters & Mavericks

Join the Masters & Mavericks; Become One

Producers and agribusiness professionals are encouraged and welcome to join in the Masters & Mavericks dialog. All participants will receive their own web page, an AG CONNECT gift, and free admission to AG CONNECT 2013 on January 30 & 31.

To become a Master & Maverick, click on the link below to complete a short questionnaire. A photo of yourself is required; a video of yourself talking about your opinions on the issues is highly encouraged.

Join the Masters & Mavericks

AG CONNECT’s Masters & Mavericks

These are the people shaping the world of ag. From proven methods to new, unprecedented techniques, these Masters & Mavericks run their operations successfully, efficiently and yet are always looking for other means of improvement.

These are the people that AG CONNECT is all about; the producers that want to talk about the emerging trends before they become a problem, the people that want to make their operation stronger, faster and more progressive. This is AG CONNECT.

Learn more about what these visionaries, CEOs, experts, and innovators have to say about the future of AG.

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