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Bob Crain



Job Title

Senior Vice President & General Manager, North America


Duluth, GA

What about your occupation makes you proud? What sets you apart from the rest?

I am proud of the results we have achieved at AGCO and the difference we have made in the lives of employees, dealers and our customers. AGCO has shown impressive growth and that has been fun to be a part of. But more importantly, we have built a sustainable business that is poised to continue to be successful long into the future. More generally, it certainly has been a great time to be in agriculture. The world needs us more than ever. So, being part of an agenda as large as feeding the world is very gratifying.

How can producers better connect with consumers?

I believe that as a society we have become much more conscious of how food comes to our table and its long term effect on our health. As we deal with the rising cost of healthcare, we must also take responsibility for and play an active role in our health outcomes. This will include becoming better consumers. Certainly there are opportunities for the industry to take a leadership role on this issue.

Is American agriculture “cutting edge”? What can American producers learn from other producers from around the world?

We have been blessed with some of the most productive farm ground in the world. Certainly, we have opportunities to further close the yield gap here in North America, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in the area of efficiency. One of AGCO's strengths as a company is that we have a significant global presence. This translates to a lot of experience we bring to designing and manufacturing equipment. So, we are good at bringing innovations from places like Europe, where, for example, fuel prices have been historically to other regions in the world and vice versa.

What opportunity do you see out there for producers that they need to be paying attention to?

Technology is changing faster than ever before. So, I would tell producers to invest in staying on top of changing trends. I may be biased, but I still see too many producers making decisions on equipment based on their historical patterns and relationships. There is a lot of new technology out there that can make producers much more productive, particularly larger producers, if they are willing look beyond their traditional relationships. Farmers too, at times, need to be mavericks or risk missing opportunities.

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