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Chuck Shelby

Operation Name

Shelby Farms


Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Primary Crops

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat


Cow/Calf Herd

Total Acres

9,000 Acres

Master or Maverick?

I’m more a MASTER. I think I learned a long time ago to evaluate things and to put a plan together and to work to accomplish that longer-term vision. A little bit of MAVERICK, occasionally you have to step out there and look at something different that might not be what the majority’s doing. But overall, pretty much 90% master, maybe 10% maverick.

What do policy makers need to understand about ag?

Agriculture’s a long-term process, and I think policymakers need to understand that when they implement a decision, that that has long-term effects. You look at a growing season as a producer, you might have 40 crops in your life. So when you look at it that way, when you make policy decisions, they need to be looking forward; they need to be long-lasting. They can’t be short-term policies, because it’s really a long-term business in agriculture.

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