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Jac M Knoop


A.M.S. Incorporated

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Ogden, IL

Are you a Master or a Maverick?

In order to bring new equipment to US farmers you have to be a Maverick. It is difficult, it is expensive and it carries a high risk. To be able to operate a business you have to be a Master as you have to navigate between the existing giants in the industry, the transportation system, the farm profitability and the government regulations being put in place at a constant pace. So I would say a little of both.

What advancement in technology do you foresee in the next 10-20 years?

We will be seeing the entire farming industry go high tech. One operator working with 2 or 3 tractors or combines, robots working the field and spraying only individual infected cropping plants or killing only weed plants. This will save the producer cash and the environment from getting amounts of chemicals sprayed for no reason. More fuel economic engines, better control systems with warnings build in so the engine will tell the dealer that it needs an oil change or new piston ring. GPS systems with field mapping will get more options, reading systems on the tractors to test soil for moisture, N, P and K, compaction etc. We will see trucks on the highways with follow-me systems where they can drive only inches from the truck in front of them creating overall fuel savings. Systems, overall, will become easier to operate and more dependable.

What would you say to policy makers if you had the chance?

The policy makers need to understand that, if sons or daughters cannot follow in their fathers footsteps due to estate taxes or other taxes and levies set by them, the food supply of the US and the rest of the world will be endangered. Today it is already difficult to run an agri-business and with all what is being talked about, it will be nearly impossible to operate a family farm in the future. The policy makers need to stop and think about what they are putting on the farmers and ranchers shoulders.

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