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Jeff Craig

Operation Name

Wyffels Hybrids


Monroe Center, IL

Primary Crops


What Makes You Proud

I've been here 13 years basically right out of college. In this industry people don't usually stick around too long. I've had the same business card and the same phone number for 13 years, working with the same clients. I've had good relationships with my growers and my current customers. I know their operations on their fields. I know the way they do business. I've got some good, solid concrete relationships with those guys. Very long term.

Ag in the Next 20 Years

I think mainly in seed the traits have come a long way in the last 10 years. Farmers are relying more on those to make them more profitable. There's a lot more things coming down the pipeline, drought-resistant hybrids, insect-resistant hybrids. I think those are going to take us to the next plateau in yield.

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