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Jim Puyear


Rocking P Ranch


Jamestown, MO

Primary Crops/Livestock

Simmental Cattle, small commercial garden

Total Acres


Are you a Master or a Maverick?

Definitely Maverick. It takes some “chutzpah” to market your own product directly to the public.

What about your operation makes you proud?

Rocking P Ranch is a small farm. We breed Simmental cattle and sell beef from cattle raised on our farm. We also raise a few chickens and sell their eggs, and operate a small commercial garden.

Growing up on family farms in the Midwest, we learned to appreciate the value of hard work. We have college degrees in agriculture and have between us many years spent working both on and off the farm in the agriculture industry. Our passion for raising livestock and our commitment in doing so while maintaining the solid ethical standards with which we were raised keeps us motivated.

We believe in and practice sustainability and stewardship of the land, air, water and livestock. Practicing animal welfare was from the very beginning an integral part of our philosophy for raising cattle and chickens. It was and is an inherent part of who we are.

Our Simmental beef her is Level VI in the Federal Voluntary Johne’s-free program.

We believe in doing it right on the farm every day. Because we are in direct contact with our customers, we have the opportunity to look them in the eye and know that what we are telling them about or products and our practices is the truth.

How can producers better connect with consumers?

Listen to them! We do it every Saturday from April - October at a small farmers market. Don’t force feed your story. Educate them through conversation, not by force-feeding your story. Always be completely honest about practices on your farm.

Understand that just because they tell you they want their food produced a certain way doesn’t mean they will buy it. Their behavior tells the true story.

The best way to connect, which is not always possible, is to get them out on the farm putting up square bales on the hottest day in June, getting up and going out in a snowstorm at 2am to check the cow getting ready to calve, or caring for a crop struggling through drought.

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