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Jim Wessing


Kondex Corporation

Job Title



Lomira, WI

Are you a Master or a Maverick?

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Lomira, WI, one of 8 children. I founded Kondex in 1974, along with a lot of help from my family. At Kondex our mission is Feeding & Fueling the World. We spend every day developing new ideas and products that have greatly improved harvesting of hay & forage crops, corn and small grains. We were told many times that something could not be improved, but we always came up with a great idea that resulted in faster cutting speeds or reduced plugging for farmers. As an example, on the farm growing up, we used 7’ mowers that cut at about 2 miles an hour. Today, with many improvements from Kondex and others, combines are harvesting grain with headers 40’ wide and cutting in a range of 6-8 miles an hour.

What would you say to policy makers if you had the chance?

American farmers need greater stability with commodity pricing which generally is covered through crop insurance. A 5 year ag bill that includes crop insurance is needed.

Is American agriculture ‘cutting edge’?

American agriculture is very “cutting edge”, with many improvements occuring every year. We are doing a substantial amount of work with European farming initiatives. We can learn a lot about their renewal farming practices and apply more of this technology here in North America.

What opportunity do you see out there for producers that they need to be paying attention to?

Renewal energy, particularly cellustic, will continue to provide added revenue for producers.

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