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Kathy Applegate

Operation Name

Applegate Acres Co.


Oakland, Iowa, USA

Primary Crops

Corn/Soybean Rotation

Total Acres

1,883 Acres

Master or Maverick?

I consider myself to be a MAVERICK because I truly enjoy being out there with my husband and family and working
side-by-side and being able to. And you don't see that as much anymore. It's the passion for what you love and what you believe in and having fun with that.

What do policy makers need to know or understand about ag?

Regulations are good when they're utilized as a tool. But regulations can also be very damaging and too many of them don't help anyone to do an efficient job of any business. So, governments just need to realize that it's a good idea to help us do the job that any business can do best, and that's let them work and help people get their jobs done in an efficient manner.

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