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Leif Magnusson


CLAAS of America Inc.

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Omaha, NE

What about your occupation makes you proud?

Our industry is at the very core of people's most basic needs . . . needs that many in the western world for the last half century have taken for granted.

It is with pride that we constantly improve our equipment and technology in order to harvest crops with greater efficiency, less overall cost and minimal impact on the environment.

What advancement in technology do you foresee in the next 10-20 years?

In the farm equipment business, the advancements in the next decade will not be an increase in size as much as it will be intelligence. We'll see much more focus and innovation on cost efficiency and precision technology The professional farmers will be focused on fuel consumption, grain quality and grain loss, and managing their entire operation through precision Ag technology and software.

What would you say to policy makers if you had the chance?

Level the playing field for America's rural businesses – like family run farms – by supporting rural infrastructure in roads and technology. Develop programs for workforce development to encourage our very best and brightest young people to stay in our rural communities. Enforce tax reform for small businesses to invest, including 5-year depreciation for Ag equipment. And right now, pass a new Farm Bill so that farmers can make informed decisions with a clear understanding of the laws and programs that will affect their livelihood.

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