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Paul Kuhn


Paul & Linda Kuhn Farms


Genoa, IL

Primary Crops

Corn, Soybeans and Wheat

Total Acres


What about your occupation makes you proud?

We like to host people, have them come out and experience it, get a flavor for it, explain to them what we do, explain to them how we do it. The toils that we go through, the good times that we go through. I have a passion for farming. I love it. If you didn’t love this game you wouldn’t be in it so that goes with the proud days.

On the Issues

Right now, the drought. That’s a big one. Weather’s an uncontrollable aspect of our occupation. We all know that but we don’t like it when it’s inflicted on us. The other thing that worries me is the competitiveness that came upon the agricultural field, the cutthroat business that it’s become. It doesn’t seem like it has enough neighborhood family orientation. Sometimes it’s going a little too commercial. People will ethically do things they shouldn’t do and they know they shouldn’t and that keeps me awake a lot at night because I can’t do that stuff nor do I choose to.

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