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Terry Jones


Jones Enterprises


Williamsburg, IA, USA

Primary Crops/Livestock


Total Acres


What about your operation makes you proud?

We do a lot of different things but we are a close family ran operations. Both my family and my brothers family in the management. But also the great employees and other relationships we have with landlords and companies we deal with. I really think our networking is a valuable key success in our operation.

How can producers better connect with consumers?

Listen and have times to visit with the end users. Not think you know what they want. You have to listen.

What would you say to manufacturers (equipment, inputs) to help them better understand your needs to be more effective in your operation?

I think they need to come to the farmers and spend more time at their operations to better understand what farmers are dealing with. That maybe labor, field size, travel time, harvest handling, etc. I believe they are very smart people, but they have not grown up on farms and have lost what the farmer really needs and wants to help in his operation.

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