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EPA Launches Voluntary Drift Reduction Technology Program
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing a new voluntary Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) program to encourage the use of verified, safer pesticide spray products to reduce exposure and pesticide movement while saving farmers money in pesticide loss.
AgriMarketing – 10/22/2014

Projected Corn Gross Revenues Down in 2014 and 2015
Per acre gross revenue for corn in 2014 is projected to be $808 per acre in northern Illinois, $292 lower than the 2011 through 2013 average of $1,100 per acre.
Farm Equipment – 10/22/2014

Dairy expansion should continue in 2015
The monthly Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook from USDA on Friday projecting that farm milk prices should peak-out this month and then start declining. But cheap feed should keep the milk-to-feed ratio at a level conducive to herd expansion.
Brownfield – 10/17/2014

Are You Certified for ISOBUS Conformance?
Did you know that there is a database of ISOBUS compliant equipment being made available to dealerships starting this month?
AEM – 10/16/2014

AEM Confident Despite Farm Equipment Sales Drop
Farm equipment sales are down significantly this year, but the head of the Association of Equipment Manufacturer's Ag Sector remains optimistic about the industry.
AgWired – 10/13/2014

USDA estimates corn, soybean production up for 2014-15
The USDA forecasts corn production at 80 million bushels higher. This will set a record at 14,475 million bushels.
Ag Professional – 10/10/2014

U.N.: Good Harvests, Ample Stockpiles Drive International Food Prices Down
Food markets are more stable and prices for most agricultural commodities are sharply lower than they have been in recent years, according to the latest edition of FAO's biannual Food Outlook report and a new update to the Organization's monthly Food Price Index, both out today.
AgriMarketing – 10/10/2014

Barge Fees Limit Exports as Crops Compete for Space
Shipping fees along the Mississippi River, the world's busiest inland waterway, have more than doubled to a record in the past year as an avalanche of new crops compete with oil, coal and chemicals for limited space, government data show.
AgWeb – 10/10/2014

Total tractor sales up
While sales of four-wheel-drives were down, total farm tractor sales were up 21.4 percent in September compared to a year ago.
Brownfield – 10/10/2014

Special Report: The State of the Farm Equipment Market
After several years of robust growth, partly driven by farmland values and a run-up in prices for many agricultural commodities, the revised 2014 net farm income is set to be $113.2 billion, down 13.8% from 2013.
AEM – 10/9/2014