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DuPont Announces Investment In Seed Treatment Solutions
Today, DuPont announced construction on two state-of-the-art centers dedicated to developing and testing seed treatment formulations, applications and seed handling techniques in an important step toward bringing new solutions to growers.
AgriMarketing – 8/27/2014

USDA: Farm Income Forecast To Decline In 2014
Net farm income is forecast at $113.2 billion in 2014, down about 14 percent from the 2013 forecast of $131.3 billion.
AgriMarketing – 8/27/2014

Minnesota Governor Asks Feds to Intervene in Grain Delays
Gov. Mark Dayton is urging the federal government to step in on railroad delays hitting Minnesota grain farmers.
AgWeb – 8/27/2014

Prepare for increased grain storage
The anticipated bumper crop of corn and soybeans has heightened the need for extra storage during harvest this fall.
Brownfield – 8/26/2014

India is still in early stages of farm mechanisation
The quintessential farm vehicle, the tractor, has become critical for the farming community as India is driving towards greater mechanization due to labour shortages and pressure to boost productivity.
The Hindu – 8/24/2014

Storage problems likely with bumper corn crop
Farmers should look now for storage options for 2014's bumper corn harvest.
AG Professional – 8/20/2014

Record-Breaking July for U.S. Milk Production
Milk production in the 23 major dairy states during July totaled 16.4 billion pounds, up 4.0 percent from July 2013.
USAgnet – 8/20/2014

New York's Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Site Is Ready for Action
Part of the Federal Aviation Administration's goal of safely integrating unmanned aerial systems into the National Airspace System has been to select six different sites in the U.S. that will conduct UAS research and testing.
ZP – 8/20/2014

AgGateway Announces Leadership Transition
AgGateway announced today that President and CEO Rod Conner is resigning effective Jan. 1, 2015, in order to lead the newly formed AgGateway Global Network; and that current Executive Vice President and COO Wendy Smith will move into the role of AgGateway President and CEO beginning in 2015.
Precision Farming Dealer – 8/19/2014

Ukraine to lose 15% of grain crop in violence-hit regions
Ukraine will lose 15 percent of its grain crop in two violence-hit regions in the country's east, a spokesman for Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said.
AG Professional – 8/19/2014